Project Description

Ad-Z1-IPhone-female-fingerThe Z1™ is unlike any cpap machine on the market – it is super small, very quiet, and totally portable. It was conceived to be an everyday cpap machine for people with an active lifestyle. With its tiny, incredibly light weight, and integrated battery capabilities, the Z1™ delivers cpap in the most tightly engineered package ever.


One of the greatest issues cpap users complain about is the difficulty in exhaling against the pressure exerted by the cpap machine. The Z1™ cpap machine uses our proprietary Z-Breathe™ algorithm that learns from your breathing pattern and relieves machine pressure on exhalation.

The Z1™ also has a large backlit LCD display so that you always know what is going on with your session:

  • Auto-off function puts the display backlight to sleep
  • Displays pressure setting, ramp time & progress, power status, and more
  • Gives you visual feedback when programming ramp and pressure settings

pshell-side-450-2Optional Accessory: PowerShell™

The PowerShell™ is the first fully integrated power solution for cpap users that need a totally portable, integrated power source. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but has enough power for at least 8 hours of cord-free cpap.

  • Soft, padded 2mm neoprene skin over a solid plastic skeleton ensures a secure fit
  • Surrogate power plug for built-in charging using the standard Z1 power adapter
  • Insert the battery module and the Z1 to create an integrated form-factor.
  • Approved by the FAA for in-flight use.


Manufactured by: Human Design Medical LLC, U.S.A.