Project Description

otw valvulotome

The Over-the-Wire LeMaitre Valvulotome is an innovative device that uses unique self-sizing, self-centering hoops for well-positioned clean valve cutting, decreased wound necrosis, and faster patient recovery.

The benefits of the over-the-wire design include:

  • Enhanced trackability over traditional valvulotomes
  • Requires only one-time access
  • Allows for easier insertion into distal saphenous vein
  • Increases speed and ease during multiple passes
  • Minimizes the risk of device tracking into tributaries
  • Device does not require flouroscopy


Instrument Specifications: 

Maximum Hoop Diameter                       9.5 mm
Maximum Blade Diameter                       6.0 mm
Blade Housing Outer Diameter               1.5 mm
Catheter Outer Diameter                          1.0 mm
Safety Stripe Distance from Blades        2.3 mm
Depth Markings                                          10 cm increments
1st Depth Markings from Cap (closed)  10 cm
Usable Length                                             98 cm & 40 cm


Product Features:

With a BLADE RANGE OF 2.0-6.0mm, the Over-the-Wire LeMaitre Valvulotome eliminates the need for multiple sizes of instruments, and enables effective valve cutting in more veins.

Fits over a standard .035″ guidewire for ENHANCED TRACKABILITY over traditional valvulotomes.

SELF-SIZING, SELF-CENTERING HOOPS support optimal valve cutting.

TEFLON SHEATH keeps blades closed during atraumatic insertion, facilitating a smooth advancement to the proximal anastomosis.

IRRIGATION PORT enables saline injection to ease device passage.


Manufactured by LeMaitre Vascular, Inc., U.S.A.