Project Description


Vivo* 60 is a life-support ventilator intended for paediatric patients and adults requiring highly secure and reliable ventilation in the hospital or at home. Vivo 60 offers clinical excellence, versatility and a low cost of ownership.

Clinical excellence

To treat patient under some of the most challenging circumstances, care givers require security and clinical excellence. Vivo 60 is developed to meet these demands offering:

  • Intended use for paediatric (from 5 kg) and adult ventilator-dependent patients.
  • Highly accurate volume delivery and trigger sensitivity.
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities including integrated SpO2, CO2 and FiO2 monitoring, numeric values and Pressure, Flow and Volume wave forms on display, comprehensive alarms and PC software.


Versatility is a requirement equally important to patients, care givers and homecare providers. Vivo 60 provides multiple benefits to make it a truly versatile ventilator.

  • Designed for Hospital, Home and Mobile use, thanks to its attractive Scandinavian design, low noise level, 12-hour autonomy and wide range of accessories.
  • An extensive set of modes and settings, three profiles, the choice of single and dual limb circuits with leakage or exhalation valve and invasive and non-invasive use, make Vivo 60 highly adaptable to patient needs and prescriber preferences.
  • A highly intuitive User Interface, which is easy to use, easy to learn and helps reduce the risk for mistakes.

Low cost of ownership

Demands for cost-effective treatment and service are continuously increasing. Therefore, Vivo 60 has been developed to offer an attractive cost of ownership to hospitals and homecare providers.

  • Robust design and durable accessories.
  • A modular technical design for quick and cost-efficient service. There are synergies with Vivo 50 regarding spare parts and technical training.
  • The integrated monitoring capabilities reduce the need for external monitoring equipment.


Manufactured by Breas Medical AB, U.S.A.