Project Description


Vivo® solutions by Breas provide advanced, comfortable and clinically safe respiratory support, which enables the easy transition of patients from hospital to home. All solutions feature an intuitive user interface with home and clinical modes.

The Vivo 50 includes the patent-pending eSync technology and a full range of settings, including target volume, which provides exceptional flexibility. Thanks to the user-friendly configuration of pressure and volume regulated modes, the treatment can be personalized to the patient’s needs.

Product Highlights:

  • Full monitoring allows view of waveforms, numerical data and trend monitoring
  • Developed out of the market needs, there is the possibility to connect a patient start/stop remote, remote alarm and nurse call system
  • Easy direct access to menus on the user-friendly front panel
  • Freedom of operation – device has a 4 hour internal battery and optional 8 hours click-on additional battery
  • The FiO2, SpO2 and EtCO2 sensors give the unit high-end monitoring capabilities with on-screen values and alarms
  • The info help text makes information on alarms, settings and troubleshooting available for the user


Manufactured by: Breas Medical AB, Sweden