Project Description


Unlike a balloon catheter, The UnBalloon catheter allows the modeling of aortic stent grafts without occluding blood flow.** The nitinol mesh expands, allowing modeling of the stent graft snugly to the vessel wall. Blood flows freely — giving ample time to model the stent graft or repair an endoleak while minimizing the risk of stent graft migration during modeling.**

Product Features:

  • Compliant nitinol mesh design
  • Total non-occlusive stent graft modeling
  • Enhanced primary graft and overlap attachment
  • Correction of type I or type III endoleaks
  • For use in thoracic and abdominal aorta


  • Free blood flow during stent graft modeling
  • Ample time to model the stent graft
  • No blood pressure lowering necessary
  • No transient hypotension necessary
  • No pharmacology
  • No rapid ventricular pacing necessary
  • Assists in the repair of endoleaks
  • Minimizes risk of stent graft migration during modeling*
  • Manually controlled radial force with tactile feedback
  • Visible under fluoroscopy without contrast • Effective trackability


Manufactured by LeMaitre Vascular, Inc., U.S.A.


* The UnBalloon Non-Occlusive Modeling Catheter has been evaluated in bench top comparative testing against traditional occlusive modeling catheters. These tests found that The UnBalloon catheter demonstrated non- occlusive properties that minimized the risk of intraoperative stent graft migration while modeling, eliminated blood pressure spikes associated with aortic occlusion, and provided comparable radial force. The nitinol mesh provided visibility under fluoroscopy without the need for contrast.
** Data on file at LeMaitre Vascular, Inc.