Project Description


The innovative TRIVEX system is a minimally invasive way to completely remove varicose veins in a matter of minutes, not hours. It avoids numerous incisions while providing visualization through transillumination. In a study of 339 patients, the mean operative time for the TRIVEX procedure was 19.7 minutes.1

Product Benefits:

  • Faster1
  • Better visualization2
  • Fewer incisions2
  • More complete vein removal2

The TRIVEX system provides high patient satisfaction:

  • In one study, 99.7% (338/339) of patients reported good outcomes and were satisfied with the procedure.1
  • No recurrences at 3 month post-operative follow up. 1
  • Multiple studies confirm that fewer incisions contribute to reduced post-operative pain and better cosmesis.1,2,3


Manufactured by LeMaitre Vascular, Inc., U.S.A.


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