Project Description

Bumpy biliary stent e

Indication:  Benign biliary and pancreatic strictures

Product FeaturesBumpy biliary stent d


  • Structure: Irregular cell size showing different magnitudes of the segmental radial force depending on the size of cell does not completely compress the side branches. It may prevents stent related pancreatic sepsis or pancreatitis
  • Easy removal: Fully covered design with PTFE(body portion) and Silicone(both flared ends) membrane, and removal string at the proximal end of the stent help easy and smooth removal
  • Antimigration: Both flared ends and unfixed irregular cell size resulting in different segmental radial force with high conformability can prevent the risk of migration
  • Radiopaque marker : 3(three) at both ends & 2(two) in the middle


Manufactured by TaeWoong Medical, Korea