Project Description

SIGLAB-2The Swallowing Signals Lab is an ideal therapy tool for speech pathologists working in acute care and rehabilitation facilities.

It is available as a stand-alone module or as part of KayPENTAX’s Digital Swallowing Workstation. The versatile, PC-based system provides a variety of real-time visual displays derived from separate transducers, all related to critical aspects of swallowing. These transducers can be used in isolation, or concurrently, allowing the clinician to target specific behaviors followed by their immediate observation. Interrelationships between important swallowing parameters can be viewed in real time. In addition to visual cues for the patient, quantitative measurements are provided which can be stored in the program’s patient-listed database. Data can be compared over time to monitor progress based on objective parameters. An extensive bibliography substantiates the clinical usage of each transducer; KayPENTAX has integrated the analysis of these diverse signals into a single, convenient system with user-friendly software.


Manufactured by KayPENTAX, U.S.A.