Project Description

Sofnolime® is used to manage carbon dioxide levels in closed-circuit rebreathers and commercial deep sea diving systems. From rebreathers to deap sea diving systems, Molecular Products has developed Sofnolime® in close collaboration with diving equipment suppliers from around the world.

Product Benefits:

  • High Intrinsic Carbon Dioxide Capacity: Continuous product development ensure that the Molecular Products Sofnolime® range typically has higher capacity than similar products.
  • Lower Dust Levels: Optimized formulation and manufacturing processes mean that the dust component in Sofnolime® is significantly lower than the industry average. This leads to higher capacity and longer working life. Pressure drop across the absorbent bed can be minimized, along with reduced risks from caustic cocktails in rebreather applications.


Diving grade Sofnolime® absorbs carbon dioxide ensuring a breathable atmosphere is maintained. It is optimised for the removal of carbon dioxide from recirculated air/ nitrox/heliox in rebreathers and saturation dive systems.

  • Commercial and leisure diving rebreathers
  • Dive chamber/bell scrubbers/gas reclaim systems
  • Dive gas conditioning units

All products are rigorously tested to ensure conformance to the specification. Activities comply to the requirements of ISO9001:2008.

Molecular Products offer the following safety guarantees:

  • Consistent, safe and reliable filling of the rebreather unit (using a uniquely developed filling technique)
  • Higher intrinsic carbon dioxide capacity (irregular/shaped sized granules for maximum packing)
  • The unit features tamper evident seals to alert the diver if the cartridge has been used or damaged, ensuring a pure, unused supply of Sofnolime® 797 (soda lime)
  • Elimination of contamination, the diver is not required to come into contact with the material (Sofnolime® 797 diver grade soda lime)
  • The unit is single-use, avoiding the danger of combining used material with unused and therefore reducing the risk of carbon dioxide poisoning
  • Ease of use, SofnoDive® 797 is easily and simply inserted into the rebreather and ready for use immediately


Manufactured by: Molecular Products Limited, U.K.