Project Description


Compact, flexible and compatible, the Scopis® Navigation System features intuitive, easy and safe handling for ENT, CMF and NEURO surgery. The system can be fully integrated into any existing endoscopy tower.

Surgical navigation provides ideal orientation in the operating field even when confronted with complex, patient-specific anatomical structures or with an absence of anatomical landmarks.

Key Benefits:

  • Instruments are shown in a positionally correct overlay so that their location is precisely indicated
  • Easy orientation due to simultaneous display of video image and navigational information
  • Documentation of all video image and navigation information as well as parallel, synchronous playback
  • Three fast and intuitive methods for image-to-patient registration for high accuracy and for the widest range of cases
  • System set-up including image-to-patient registration in less than three minutes
  • Variety of ergonomically shaped and reusable navigated instruments
  • Little requirement for space and handling effort in the operation theatre
  • Easy and intuitive user interface via touchscreen

Scopis’ surgical navigation leads to a reduction in surgery time, less clinical complications, better post-surgical results and minimized costs. All instruments are ergonomically shaped, sterilizable and therefore reusable.


b96ded67ffScopis® Planning Station

The Scopis® Planning Station allows preoperative planning of surgical interventions and is compatible to existing desktop and mobile workstations in hospital. Without difficulty, internal as well as external images may be imported. With the Scopis® Planning Station, anatomic structures can be marked preoperatively in patient image data. Planning marks and 3D planning structures can therefore be defined in patient image data. Scopis software supports the surgeon and leads through the planning process of the clinical intervention in an intuitive and fast way.

Loading Screen 04 - AR mit InlineViewScopis® Augmented Reality Software

Augmented Reality for the first time makes it possible to show planning information together with distance information directly on top of the endoscopic video. In case of revision surgery virtual planning marks can substitute missing anatomic land marks and thereby improve the orientation in the operation situs.

Around the planning marks and 3D planning structures, an alarm zone can be defined, so that the surgeon is warned visually and acoustically when approaching this mark or structure.

inScopis® Laser Software

An endoscopic attachment complements the Scopis® Navigation with continuous laser-based measuring and navigation.

Scopis’ endoscopic attachments are added and fastened onto conventional endoscopes similar to rinsing shanks. The attachments project laser points onto human tissue for which the system will determine the corresponding 3D coordinate in space. Anatomical structures can now be measured contact-free and non-invasive. With the endoscope being in constant use during the operation, navigational data is now also continuously available.


Instruments for the surgical navigation system include:

  • Pointers
  • Adapter system
  • Patient tracker
  • Endoscope tracker
  • Sterile container


 Manufactured by: Scopis GmbH, Germany