Project Description

safe-3000 b

PENTAX SAFE-3000 offers highly reliable detection and assessment through combined video and autofluorescence bronchoscopy and opens up a new quality in imaging and diagnostic precision for the early recognition of bronchial carcinomas.

Variable Display of High-Resolution Images

A single color CCD is utilized to enable full-screen display of video endoscope images on the monitor. This makes it possible to observe autofluorescence images from the video endoscope without the loss of high resolution. Four display modes are available with controls on the video endoscope; ordinary image, autofluorescence image, simultaneous display (TWIN mode) and combined display (MIX mode) of both ordinary and autofluorescenceimages. This variable image control gives the operator visual data that dramatically simplifies observation.

Specialists who have already experienced this innovative new PENTAX system are delighted with the results and the range of possible applications, as well as the improved observation quality.

Compact design incorporating two light sources

PENTAX SAFE-3000 is an integrated processor containing separate light sources for ordinary observation and autofluorescence observation. It is a compact system that simultaneously emits ordinary light and excitation light during autofluorescence observation. And, like conventional video endoscopes, it can display and record images not only on the monitor but on such equipment such as video printers, video recorders and personal computers.


Manufactured by  PENTAX Medical, Japan