Project Description

rotarexs a

The Rotarex®S provides highly efficient and very fast thrombectomy for acute to chronic occlusions and boasts of being one device for many indications:

  • Native vessels
  • Stents (in-stent reocclusion)
  • Bypass grafts
  • Dialysis access

Rotarex®S removes all detachable material – from acute to chronic – and exposes the culprit lesion. Benefits include:

  • No (long) stents required
  • Avoids distal embolisation
  • No thrombolytics required
  • No haemolysis
  • Reduces the risk for the patient
  • Reduces procedural costs

Four functions in one device

  • Detachment of the occlusive material from the vessel (up to 1 cm/sec)
  • Aspiration of detached material into the catheter head
  • Fragmentation of aspirated material
  • Transportation out of the patient`s body 


Manufactured by Straub Medical AG, Switzerland.