Project Description

Rocket IPC

The Rocket® Indwelling Pleural Catheter or IPC range is a system that offers home care for patients indicated for intermittent, long term drainage of symptomatic, recurrent, pleural effusion. It includes malignant pleural effusions that do not respond to medical treatment of underlying disease.

The system ensures that your patients are able to perform fluid drainage in the comfort of their own homes, reducing hospital stays and optimizing outpatient care.

The system is indicated for:

  1. The palliation of dyspnoea due to pleural effusion
  2. Providing pleurodesis (resolution of the pleural effusion)

Product Features include:

Unique Flow Control

  • Gives patient or carer total control over fluid flow, significantly reducing discomfort during drainage
  • Reduces risk of accidental vacuum release prior to catheter connection

Safety Valve with Unique Locking System

  • Prevents leakage of air or fluid
  • Prevents accidental disconnec tion during drainage
  • Prevents accidental loss of valve caps, minimising contamination

Silicone Catheter

  • Soft, kink resistant material approved for long use, giving increased patient comfort
  • 16Fg x 40cm catheter with 24cm fenestrated section, large diameter holes to maximise drainage and reduce occlusion risk
  • Complete with polyester cuff to promote rapid tissue in-growth, minimising infection risk and aiding catheter security


Manufactured by Rocket Medical, U.K.