Project Description

Pinnacle TIF Tip™

When it’s Terumo’s TIF Tip, the newest technology to deliver safe, easy, dependable vascular access even for the most challenging access sites. Terumo’s new premium Pinnacle Total Integrated Fit (TIF) Tip represents an advance in introducer sheath technology:

  • Seamless guidewire-to-dilator and dilator-to-sheath transition reduces risk of gaps and arterial damage
  • Perfectly round end hole and nearly flawless tip ensure smooth entry
  • Flexible, seamless construction may help to reduce complications
  • Reduced risk of arterial damage may enhance patient outcomes after even the most challenging arterial access procedures

In addition to the Pinnacle TIF Tip enhancements, the following features are standard within the Pinnacle family of products:

  • Kink-resistant design helps maintain lumen patency throughout the procedure
  • Terumo Cross-Cut Valve maintains uncompromised hemostasis
  • Small outside diameter and large inside diameter reduces the size of the access site without compromising ease of device passage

Laboratory tests show that inserting the Pinnacle TIF Tip requires up to 24% less force* than competitor sheaths:

  • Performs well in simulated difficult access sites and tissue
  • Retains smooth transitions from guidewire-to-dilator and from dilator-to-sheath
  • May aid in the reduction of vessel damage and trauma at the access site that can lead to major complications


Manufactured by Terumo Medical Corporation, U.S.A.