Project Description


Accurate assessment of burn depth at an early stage is crucial to avoid unnecessary surgery or potential hypertrophic scaring. It is clinically proven, that the status of the skin microcirculation can be used to estimate burn depth. Superficial dermal burns will show a higher skin perfusion as compared to normal skin, whereas the perfusion is compromised in deeper dermal burns.


pericam-psi-system-cart-flippedBlood Perfusion Imaging

Blood perfusion imaging has been recognized as an excellent tool to estimate burn depth and to reinforce the clinical judgment of a burn wound. The PeriScan PIM3 System (based on laser Doppler technique)  and the PeriCam PSI System (based on laser Speckle technique) both provide the user with instant, “live” images of the burn area, presenting valuable information regarding the healing potential of the burn wound.


Follow the wound healingFollow the Wound Healing Process

Increased activity in the skin blood flow indicates that the microcirculation is functioning and that there is a higher degree of wound healing potential. By performing several image scans, it is possible to compare data and evaluate the healing progress over time. The PIMSoft application software used to operate the blood perfusion imagers from Perimed, include several features which facilitate this work.


imager-arm-lagen-transSimple to Get Started

It is easy to get started with the PeriCam PSI System. The small size of the instrument head makes it flexible to adjust and position at any measurement angle. Automatic background compensation allows for stable and accurate measurements at varying lighting conditions. A color camera will improve the overall documentation. In addition, the system requires no direct contatc with the burn wound.


pericam-psi-nrFlexible User Interface

The PIMSoft application software is used to operate the PeriCam PSI System. It is a user-friendly interface with many possibilities. Blood perfusion is presented both as color-coded images and in graphical form, providing an excellent overview of the data. Graphs and images are instantly updated during the recording. Selected data is conveniently exported as .pdf reports or in .xml format for further processing.


Compare Healthy and Damaged Skin

Specific regions of interest (ROIs) can be defined before, during or after a completed examination. In addition, ROIs may be implemented during sections of a run. This advanced ROI handling makes it possible to define reference areas of “healthy skin”, which can be compared to “damaged skin” allowing for better evaluation and understanding of the burn wound.


Manufactured by Perimed AB, Sweden