Project Description

pentax bronchoscopes

PENTAX Bronchoscopes’ full product line-up is designed to meet all needs. The unique angulations allow users to manoeuvre to the bronchus with ease. PENTAX’s ergonomic bronchoscopes incorporate large working channels and slim insertion tubes for paediatric or adult patients.

And if you need a bedside exam, PENTAX’s battery operated bronchoscopes allow freedom from light sources like never before.

With easy insertion, optimal aspiration at the touch of a button and efficient insufflation, PENTAX’s intubation scopes are perfect for a variety of clinical situations. Whether you choose traditional or portable intubation scopes, wide angle view allows for quick and accurate placement of the endotracheal tube.

The full screen function display allows users to view images in high-definition. Auto-fluorescence, early detection of bronchial lesions, is available in SAFE-3000.

PENTAX’s full line of bronchoscopes include:

  • Video bronchoscopes
  • Fiber bronchoscopes
  • Portable bronchoscopes
  • Intubation bronchoscopes


Manufactured by PENTAX Medical, Japan