Project Description

Figulla flex II

Since developing the first unique Occlutech occluder in 2003, over 20,000 ASD and PFO occluders  have been delivered to over 50 countries around the world. Occlutech’s track record regarding performance and safety is excellent in addition to innovating and constantly improving products. The very flexible technology allows Occlutech’s products to adjust and fit a wide variety of geometries. Flex II, the third generation occluder, is now launched following what likely is already one of the best performing range of products available.

The Occlutech Figulla® Flex II range of occluders has been developed in order to fulfil Occlutech´s strive for constant innovation and improvement and incorporates several new features:

  • New braiding – minimizing the amount of material on the left atrial disc
  • Improving delivery sheath compatibility
  • New shapeable delivery system tip – allows a pre-set configuration for the advanced procedure
  • Flexible delivery system allowing to-the-point placement while minimizing any unwanted drag or pull on the implant


Manufactured by Occlutech, Germany