Project Description


Nasometer II, Model 6450, is the newest hardware/software version of the acclaimed Nasometer which KayPENTAX introduced in 1986.

Since that time, the Nasometer has become a standard clinical tool, worldwide, for assessment and treatment of patients with nasality problems. The instrument’s success is based on its simplicity, noninvasiveness, easily interpretable data, and validity.

The system measures nasalance by means of acoustic analysis using its innovative headset and has broad appeal because of its relative simplicity, when compared with more invasive procedures. It provides clinicians with objective, repeatable nasality measurements during running speech.

Many articles in professional journals have validated the use of nasometry and have shown its high correlation with other, more invasive instrumental techniques (An extensive bibliography on nasometry is available on the KayPENTAX website).

As a treatment tool, the Nasometer provides real-time visual feedback to help clients accomplish therapy goals more efficiently. Normative data on standardized reading passages is available for client assessment.

The Nasometer is used in cleft palate clinics worldwide.


Manufactured by KayPENTAX, U.S.A.