Project Description


Sleepnet CPAP and BiPAP masks are constructed from a soft, pliable material that allows for re-shaping. They are an alternative to uncomfortable masks, helping to ensure success and comfort with patient therapy. With its expanding product line, Sleepnet continually proves to be an industry leader in mask innovation and development.

IQ® Blue Nasal Vented and Non-Vented masks feature the patented AIR°gel™ with Advanced Cushion Technology and flexible shell with Custom Fit Technology™. Together, they provide an optimal fit with maximum comfort. Unlike masks with rigid shells, iQ Blue adjusts to truly fit the contours of your face.



Mojo® Full Face Ventilation Mask with AIR°gel™ and Custom Fit Technology™ shapes the mask to fit individual facial contours; all with a simple push of a finger by the clinician or the user. The lightweight breathable headgear has four points of adjustment and is easily disconnected by magnetic clips, providing utmost comfort during therapy.



MiniMe® Nasal Pediatric Mask offers a softer approach to the little ones going through therapy. With FDA clearance for children ages 2-12, this gentle interface provides a soft, easy and straightforward solution, while leveraging on the best of the Sleepnet technology.



Phantom Phantom® Nasal Mask provides a new level of comfort. Connection ports on either side of the mask allow for easy side sleeping and provide a simple way to attach an oxygen line if necessary. The adjustable nose clip offers a customized fit and takes painful pressure off the bridge of the nose to make fitting the Phantom fast and easy!



VerasealVeraseal Disposable Full Face Mask is the most gentle-fitting disposable mask on the market. Combined with the world’s first ‘Touchless’ Spacebar™ and with its Advanced Cushion Technology, the Veraseal provides the ultimate in skin protection and comfort by eliminating irritating pressure points on the forehead and minimizing skin irritation.  




Manufactured by: Sleepnet Corporation, U.S.A.