Project Description

Magellan robotic catheter

The proprietary Magellan™ Robotic Catheter is designed to work in harmony with the Magellan™ Robotic System to deliver control, precision and stability.

The design of the Magellan Robotic Catheter enables simultaneous yet independent robotic steering of the distal tip of both the sheath and the leader catheter.

The Magellan Robotic Catheter is designed to deliver:

  • Responsive and predictable catheter navigation
  • Catheter stability during the delivery and placement of therapeutic devices
  • Robotically steerable sheath and leader catheter
  • Robotic tip articulation in any direction on the sheath and leader catheter
  • Independent torque control at the tip without catheter shaft rotation for both the sheath and leader catheter

The precise robotic distal tip steerability of the sheath and the leader catheter enables advanced range of motion. While no clinical data exists, limited (N=4) in vivo (porcine) data suggests no more vessel trauma using robotic technology compared to manual technique. 1,2


Manufactured by: Hansen Medical, U.S.A.


1) Bismuth J,  Kashef E, Cheshire N, Lumsden A. Feasibility and Safety of Remote Endovascular Catheter Navigation in a Porcine Model.   J Endovasc Ther  2011;18:243–249.
2) Data on file. Controlled GLP porcine study of 10 models.