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lemaitre embolectomy catheters

The LeMaitre Single Lumen Embolectomy Catheter features up to 80% stronger balloon bonds and up to 60% stronger rupture resistant balloons at an unbeatable price.*

Two types of embolectomy catheters are available: LeMaitre natural latex balloon catheters and NovaSil® silicone balloon catheters**. Single lumen catheters use hand-tied balloons that are glued in three areas and pre-stretched for flexibility. These catheters are strong and able to withstand a substantial force before the balloon disengages from the catheter. Balloons are well-centered and resistant to rupture.

Over-the-Wire embolectomy catheters are also available. These allow for the addition of contrast media to facilitate imaging during fluoroscopy.

  • Radiopaque for visibility under fluoroscopy
  • Constructed of pliable material for introduction and passage through vessels that may be difficult to navigate
  • Color-coding for catheter size identification
  • Long shelf life for sterility

Single Lumen Embolectomy Catheters Product Features:  

  • Strength: catheter material is strong, allowing the catheters to withstand a substantial force before the balloon disengages.
  • Resistant to rupture: balloons are manufactured to high specifications so that they are resistant to rupture during contact or trauma.
  • Predictable inflation: the balloons inflate at a consistent rate as the volume of the balloon increases.
  • Centered balloons: each balloon is centered on the catheter shaft for concentric inflation and deflation.

Over-the-Wire Embolectomy Catheters Product Features:  

  • Dye contrast: contrast media can be added to better visualize the catheter under fluoroscopy.
  • Positioning: standard guidewire capability of the over-the-wire catheter allows for proper positioning of the catheter in the vessel.
  • Irrigation: lubricate with fewer passes and less intimal trauma during catheter withdrawal.

Novasil Silicone Embolectomy Catheters** Product Features: 

  • Silicone balloons: provides a viable option for patients with latex sensitivity.
  • Concentricity: like the latex catheters, the balloons are centered on the catheter to reduce potential damage to the vessel intima.


Manufactured by LeMaitre Vascular, Inc., U.S.A


*Data on file at LeMaitre Vascular, Inc.
**Not made with natural rubber latex.