Project Description


The Laryngeal Strobe provides the bright, clear, razor-sharp images needed for reliable analysis of vocal fold structure and motion.

The Laryngeal Strobe, is the latest version of the acclaimed KayPENTAX stroboscopy light source proven to be an invaluable tool in the assessment of vocal fold structure and vibratory characteristics. New features include the addition of an automatic brightness control mode, a bright LCD display that provides pertinent graphical and numeric information during the endoscopic exam, and a front-panel interface for entering user-selectable settings. As with previous models, the Laryngeal Strobe boasts KayPENTAX’s unique anti-blinking circuit to provide consistent brightness throughout the patient’s entire pitch and amplitude range, superior pitch tracking that quickly locks to the voice fundamental frequency, short-duration strobe light pulse to produce razor-sharp images, and a light-focusing design that provides superior illumination and image quality for stroboscopic exams with both rigid and flexible endoscopes.


Manufactured by: KayPENTAX, U.S.A.