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KC Cooled RFKimberly-Clark* Cooled Radiofrequency (RF) System is a revolution in radiofrequency technology as the cooled radiofrequency platform allows for creation of large-volume, spherical lesions – giving physicians the power of targeted treatment for symptomatic patients, even in difficult to treat spine anatomy.

With the addition of CERVICOOL* Cooled RF System, Kimberly-Clark now offers a complete portfolio of cooled radiofrequency treatment for all segments of the spine; from the cervical facet joint to the sacroiliac (SI) joint.

Cooled & Std RF-what is it

The Cooled RF System – How Does it Work?

The cooled RF pain management system is indicated for use to create RF lesions in nervous tissue.

The sterile, single-use probe is inserted through an introducer into or near nervous tissue. RF energy heats the tissue while circulating water moderates the temperature in close proximity to the electrode or active tip. This combination creates large volume lesions without excessive heating at the electrode.


Without cooling – the size of the lesion is limited by the heat generated in adjacent tissue.

The larger heating distance and greater depth of lesioning are “an important consideration in light of the individual anatomy variation in location and quantity of nerves.”

The KIMBERLY-CLARK* Cooled RF Pain Management System includes:

  • Pain Management Radiofrequency Generator
  • Pain Management Cooled RF Peristaltic Pump Unit
  • Pain Management Radiofrequency Probe
  • Pain Management Tube Kit

KC Cooled RF Kit




The modules for KIMBERLY-CLARK* Cooled RF Pain Management System include:

sinergy_4-may-2010_resize_preserving_aspect_ratio_to_max_width_224_pixelsSINERGY Cooled Radiofrequency Pain Management System – An innovative RF treatment for chronic sacroiliac joint pain

The fundamental challenge of treating SIJ pain is capturing the afferent lateral branches coursing between the painful SI region and the posterior sacral foramina. The SINERGY* System enables placement of large volume lesions, which compensate for the known variability of nerve location and running course of the lateral branches of the posterior rami.


transdiscal_4-may-2010_resize_preserving_aspect_ratio_to_max_width_224_pixelsTRANSDISCAL Cooled Radiofrequency Pain Management System – Bipolar, cooled RF for intervertebral disc biacuplasty – the next generation of treatment for discogenic pain.

The TRANSDISCAL* System uses the cooled RF system with a bipolar approach to deactivate nerves to treat symptomatic discogenic pain. Under fluoroscopy, two introducers are placed bilaterally in the posterolateral disc, and then two TRANSDISCAL* probes are inserted. The water-cooled probes deliver RF energy with enough power to heat a larger volume of disc tissue while eliminating overheating of adjacent tissue. The result is a large, reproducible lesion within a significant volume of the posterior of the disc.


lumbarcool_4-may-2010_resize_preserving_aspect_ratio_to_max_width_224_pixelsLUMBARCOOL* Cooled Radiofrequency Pain Management System – Perpendicular placement for one-pass, optimal ablation

LUMBARCOOL* System uses the cooled RF platform for lumbar medial branch neurotomy. LUMBARCOOL* System enables placement of a large-volume lesion encompassing the medial branch nerve in one pass, eliminating the need for multiple passes. Many patients may fail standard RF treatments, or have a challenging anatomy. LUMBARCOOL* System enables perpendicular placement allowing “gun-barrel” access to target the nerve, compared to standard RF, in which parallel placement to nerve or multiple-pass lesioning is required to achieve optimal ablation.


thoracool2_4-may-2010_resize_preserving_aspect_ratio_to_max_width_224_pixelsTHORACOOL* Cooled Radiofrequency Pain Management System

A major challenge in treating chronic, thoracic facet pain comes from the variable course of the medial branch nerve, particularly in the mid-thoracic levels. The THORACOOL* System overcomes the challenge of the variable nerve course by enabling placement of a large-volume, reproducible lesion, of the size and position that can account for the medial branch variability.



cervicool_00_265x193CERVICOOL* Cooled Radiofrequency System – An innovative option for helping resolve cervical facet joint pain

Cervical pain is the third most common pain in the spine with more than 44 million patients afflicted annually. More than 200,000 turn to cervical injections for pain relief; however, cervical pain is often difficult to treat through diagnostic and therapeutic nerve blocks due to nerve course variability and the difficult anatomy of the spine. CERVICOOL* Cooled RF System is designed to address the unique anatomy of the cervical joints by employing water-cooled technology anatomically tailored to offer relief in the cervical region. By delivering large volume lesions where anatomy and nerve path are variable, the lesion conforms around ridges and within crevices on irregularly shaped surfaces, enhancing the ability to capture the nerve.


Manufactured by Kimberly-Clark Healthcare, U.S.A.