Project Description

iSleep20+_product (low res)Helping patients breathe easier, the iSleep 20+ is Breas’ advanced high-performance, sophisticated CPAP designed for easy use at home. Thanks to the advanced eAdapt technology, patient comfort is enhanced significantly. In the conventional CPAP mode, especially at higher pressure levels, some patients struggle to breathe against the pressure level. By adapting the expiratory pressure to the patient’s inspiratory effort, eAdapt helps to reduce the work of breathing, and enhances breathing comfort for patients.

  • With a physician’s recommendation, eAdapt can be enabled for ramp duration or for entire night
  • eAdapt offers five levels and enables patients to customize iSleep 20+ therapy to their individual preferences
  • Memory card capability facilitates quick and easy download of long-term patient compliance data and detailed log
  • When not in use, hose can be easily disconnected or stored behind the unit
  • Unit design accomodates a wide range of masks
  • Light-weight construction and the built-in carrying handle facilitate easy travel
  • Power adapter. With the DC/DC converter, the unit can be powered from a car or recreational vehicle when enjoying an active everyday life
  • SpO2 monitoring possibility


Manufactured by: Breas Medical AB, Sweden