Project Description


Invivo systems are built from the ground up to withstand the rigorous demands of the MRI suite. Designed specifically for ultra-high magnetic field environments, the Expression MRI patient monitor delivers the highest quality results, with increased patient comfort and safety, improved productivity and a lifetime of reliability.

Expression is designed to replicate common OR workflow processes, providing the right information at the right time – whether the patient is in induction, transportation, the exam room or recovery. The device can be mounted on an anaesthesia cart, patient table or freestanding pedestal for more efficient, uninterrupted patient workflow.

Invivo MRI patient monitoring systems are completely upgradeable, without any worry for obsolescence. Agents, temperature or any other option can be added at any time. Expression exclusively features Advanced Gradient Removal software, which can be upgraded and adapted as MRI manufacturers develop new gradient sequences and procedures.


  • Pediatric
  • Sedation
  • Anesthesia
  • Cardiac
  • Research

Product Features:

  • Express Service module exchange reduces system down time to about an hour
  • Express Wireless ECG with enhanced electrode positioning
  • Express Wireless OR quality SpO2 with Neo, Infnant, Pediatric and Adult Quick Connect Sensors
  • Ultra Advanced Gradient Removal algorithms provide stable traces even during Perfusion, SWI and Diffusion MRI sequences
  • Enhancing MRI Safety – FDA rated at 5,000 Gauss, 3.0 Tesla and 4 W/Kg SAR
  • Direct Wireless Communication does not require the installation of any expensive and restrictive wireless networks
  • Continuous Temperature for Esophageal, Rectal, Nasal and surface temperature
  • Disposable sensors for all vital signs optimizes infection control
  • Reusable sensors help reduce operating costs
  • Precision EtCO2 with OR traces
  • Express Dual Anesthetic Agent technology with automatic identification is fully functional in less than 30 seconds
  • 360 Degree Alarm Light notifies you of an alarm condition when traditional alarms are compromised
  • Active Trend Arrows adds depth to each vital signs helping you identify patient conditions earlier
  • Perfusion Index provides confidence in the SpO2 saturation levels helping you setup and treat the patient faster
  • Easy Read Wireless Displays feature a new vivid LCD, tilting for glare free viewing and illuminated buttons
  • Individual Electrode Indicator increases safety and efficiency by alerting you to a compromised individual electrode location
  • User enabled T Wave Suppression allows you to normalize the waveform from the control room for unparalleled gating efficiency
  • Custom Labeled Setups with Express Recall buttons on each display
  • Battery Life Indicators on every display provides information down to the minute for all Expression components
  • Printing capabilities in the MRI suite and control room
  • Every component features user replaceable batteries allowing for continuous monitoring from each component
  • Express Workflow Bastet enables quick patient setup
  • Express gating enables wireless communication between Expression and MRI Systems
  • Quick Connect Non Invasive Blood Pressure with 11 new sizes of blood pressure cuffs


Manufactured by Invivo Corporation, U.S.A.