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From Sandhill Scientific’s adaptive InSIGHT System and choice of diagnostic modules to BioVIEW® Acquisition and Analysis software, finding a package that meets your needs has never been easier. Sandhill Scientific’s comprehensive portfolio for Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Retraining includes  Anorectal Manometry, EMG Evaluations, and Pudendal Nerve Latency Testing.


Anorectal Manometry

The inSIGHT Anorectal Manometry System and its modules allow a comprehensive evaluation of the anal canal, rectum, and pelvic muscles as well as therapeutic options with pelvic muscle retraining (biofeedback). The system utilizes revolutionary BioVIEW® Analysis Software – a menu driven protocol that allows easy, accurate and comprehensive data acquisition, including:

  • Anal sphincter resting pressure
  • Voluntary squeeze pressure
  • Recto-anal Inhibitory Reflex (RAIR)
  • Rectal sensation
  • Rectal compliance


Pelvic Floor RetrainingPelvic Floor Retraining

Functional disorders of the pelvic floor such as fecal incontinence and chronic constipation are disabling conditions which are increasing in prevalence. Most often the cause of these problems can be identified with a thorough physiological evaluation, which includes Anorectal manometry, rectal sensation and compliance, pelvic floor EMG studies and Intra-rectal defecation studies. Once properly identified, these abnormalities can be treated. One very useful tool is retraining the patient using various types of Biofeedback. The most important issue is having both the proper equipment and software to perform the task correctly. Sandhill Scientific has developed its equipment to allow for accurate, user-friendly procedures for both patient and clinician.


Pudendal Nerve Latency TestingPudendal Nerve Latency Testing

Sandhill offers the industry standard Sierra Wave® by Cadwell Laboratories…a complete system to measure the time relationship, or latency, between a stimulus of the Pudendal nerve and the external anal sphincter response. The Sierra Wave can be integrated with the inSIGHT to make a complete Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Retraining

System or used as a stand alone device.


hram probeSandhill’s 22 channel multi-directional high-resolution probe allows visualization of the entire length and dynamics of the anal canal thereby increasing patient tolerance, saving time by eliminating a station pull-through… and using the BioVIEW® Software with guided acquisition protocols and color pressure mapping has truly simplified the complexities of analysis and interpretation.




Manufactured by Sandhill Scientific, U.S.A.