Project Description


The High-Definition (HD) Digital Stroboscopy System is the latest generation of advanced imaging systems from KayPENTAX, offering sharp, clear HD video recording of stroboscopic and other endoscopic exams.

HD stroboscopy provides six times the image detail when compared to standard video, showing the vocal fold edge, mucosa, and microvasculature with unparalleled clarity. By using the state-of-the-art, industry-standard H.264 video format (the same
format used on Blu-Ray Discs), the examinations are portable and playable in native format on personal computers. The HD Digital Strobe System features instant retrieval and playback of recorded procedures, a new intuitive workflow, a patient database and exam management system, report generation, still image creation, and MPEG DVD burning capabilities. With its excellent image quality and clarity, the KayPENTAX HD Digital Strobe System sets a new standard for endoscopic exam recording.


Manufactured by: KayPENTAX, U.S.A.