Project Description

Harvest AdiPrep

The Benefits of Concentrated Adipose Tissue: The quality of adipose graft material is an important consideration prior to performing any lipograft procedure. While autologous lipografting has become a widely used technique for soft tissue augmentation in aesthetic procedures, clinical outcomes can be unpredictable. A major challenge is graft volume loss, which can greatly affect aesthetic outcomes. The presence of excess fluid, oils, and lipids contributes to graft volume loss, as this fluid must be resorbed by the body.1

The AdiPrep Adipose Transfer System is designed to overcome this challenge by refining the tissue and completely removing contaminants prior to implantation. Recent studies indicate that highly refined lipoaspirate may promote graft retention and improved aesthetic outcomes.1,2

Common processing methods such as gravity decantation are not able to remove all contaminating components from lipoaspirate, and research has shown that the AdiPrep system can achieve more effective layer isolation to produce a clean, high-quality, adipose tissue graft. 1,2



Manufactured by Harvest Technologies, U.S.A.


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