Project Description


GlidesheathIndicated for Radial Access, Glidesheath’s unique design includes:

  • Ensures smooth atraumatic vascular access, even in the most difficult cases
  • Excessive scarring
  • Obese patients
  • Atherosclerotic vessels
  • Offers kink resistance to keep the lumen open throughout the procedure
  • Incorporates full-length Terumo Glide Technology™ to ensure easy insertion and removal


GLidesheathSSKitGlidesheath SS Kit

Along with the basic Glidesheath, you’ll get:

  • Spring straight .021 wire – the Glidesheath configuration you’ve known and loved
  • 21 g, 1.5” (38 mm) metal needle – Enables micropuncture technique for gaining vessel access



GlidesheathAccessKitGlidesheath Access Kit

  • For your convenience, the Glidesheath Access Kit contains everything needed for successful access, including:
  • SURFLO® micropuncture IV catheter
  • Glidesheath and dilator
  • Mini guidewire
  • Scalpel
  • 2.5 mL syringe


GlidesheathNitinolKitGlidesheath Nitinol Kit

This glidesheath kit offers you a premium wire not normally found in an all-in-one kit:

  • 0.021” 45 cm nitinol guide wire: Provides the rail support needed for entering the vessel; Kink resistant; Atraumatic 8 cm radiopaque palladium tip; Floppy tip – gradual stiffness transition
  • 21g, 1.5” (38 mm) metal needle: Enables micropuncture technique for gaining vessel access; Green bevel indicator


Glidesheath035KitGlidesheath .035

Appropriate uses of the Glidesheath .035:

  • When a 4 or 5 Fr diagnostic procedure turns into an intervention that requires a 6 Fr sheath
  • Use the 6 Fr with the .035 dilator to accommodate the sheath exchange over an .035 wire




Manufactured by Terumo Medical Corporation, U.S.A.