Project Description


The FLIXENE™ vascular graft is a composite graft construction that offers exceptional strength and durability1. Built from a proprietary biomaterial film lamination process, FLIXENE™ provides unsurpassed burst and suture strength2, and is designed to minimize the ‘weeping’ often seen with traditional vascular bypass grafts following implantation1.

FLIXENE™ vascular grafts offer the discriminating surgeon an exciting alternative to traditional thirty-year old vascular technologies. FLIXENE™ vascular grafts are indicated for vascular access and arterial vascular reconstruction.

FLIXENE™ Configurations:

  • Standard Wall: This configuration of FLIXENE™ maintains its 1.1mm wall thickness throughout the entire graft. The exclusive tri-laminate construction reduces hydrostatic pressure eliminating weeping and/or blood strike-through, clinically demonstrated through minimizing associated complications such as seroma and pseudoaneurysm3. This unique construction offers a mechanical solution for your most challenging dialysis patients.
  • Graduated wall: Atrium offers all the benefits of the Standard wall FLIXENE graft configuration but has added a graduated wall thickness for improved suturability. The wall thickness of this configuration becomes 23% thinner at the ends of the graft for ease of suturing and increased conformability at the anastomosis.
  • Trumpet: FLIXENE™ TRUMPET has been specifically engineered for the surgeon who prefers a larger tapered hood at the anastomosis. Atrium’s customizable hood allows surgeons to create an anastomosis that most appropriately suits each patient’s vessel anatomy and/or anastomotic condition. The reinforced three layer hood design can be customized to accommodate a more gradual anastomotic diameter for precise anatomical placement, FLIXENE™ TRUMPET is available in multiple sizes and configurations.
  • IFG: The FLIXENE™ IFG (Intraluminal Flow Guard) is a uniquely engineered T-shaped vascular graft designed as an upper arm and thigh A-V graft. This new concept facilitates the insertion of a Nitinol™ reinforced intraluminal graft portion directly into the vein for a less abrupt flow transition. The IFG allows for easier maintenance of outflow component1.


Manufactured by Atrium Medical, U.S.A.


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