Project Description


FleXNeedle® is a multipurpose 18g coring needle with enhanced peripheral access to reach lesions in the peripheral segments of the lung.

enhanced-peripheral-accessProduct Features:

  • Ergonomic, single-handed needle actuation
  • Standard Luer Fitting: Compatible with wide range of aspiration syringes &
  • Adjustable Depth Guage provide penetration control from 5 to 20 mm



broncus-enhanced-biopsyEnhanced Biopsy

  • Proprietary coring tip cuts and captures core specimens for histology and cytology
  • Needle internal lumen is 0.95 mm enabling passage of a stylet (included) or other devices

Flexneedle_enhanced flexibilityEnhanced Flexibility

  • ≈70% shorter hypo tube length enhancing flexibility &
accessibility to tortuous airway anatomy







Manufactured by: Bronchus Technologies Inc., USA