Project Description

Figulla Flex UNIThe Figulla® Flex UNI is the latest Occlutech product in the Flex range specifically designed for closing multi-fenestrated atrial septal defects. Available in four versions with similar sized discs from 17mm to 33mm, it provides a wide range of choices.

Braiding by Occlutech

The patented braiding technology gives a very flexible structure, which supports the implant in adapting well to the specific anatomy.

Surface by Occlutech

Occlutech’s surface technology allows the creation of an ultra-thin, biocompatible Titaniumoxide layer. This surface is important for allowing a quick in-growth of the implant.

Occlutech Delivery System

The Occlutech delivery system allows significant improve- ments in relation to the traditional screw-wire system. Before final release of the occluder, the delivery system allows a 45° tilt, showing the final position of the implant and minimizing the “jump” on release.


Manufactured by Occlutech, Germany