Project Description


The PENTAX Medical EPK-i5000 combines excellent illumination and HD+ image quality at an outstanding price-performance ratio.

The PENTAX Medical EPK-i5000 video processor is the ideal device for practitioners who require routine
functions offered by state-of-the-art imaging technology
in their day-to-day clinical work. It combines excellent illumination and unique HD+ image quality at an outstanding price-performance ratio and features the innovative i-scan image-processing technology, providing brilliant precision when assessing surface structures.

Product Features:

  • Visibility – Excellent white light illumination supports fast orientation and detection of minute lesions.
  • Image quality – HD+ images define the new standard in video endoscopy for an advanced examination.
  • Preset i-scan – Preset i-scan Surface Enhancement (SE) and Tone Enhancement (TE) profiles can be selected at the touch of a button.


Manufactured by PENTAX Medical, Japan