Project Description


Featuring PENTAX DSP technology, the EPK-1000 Digital Video Processor used in conjunction with PENTAX Video Colour CCD Endoscopes delivers images of outstanding quality for enhanced endoscopic diagnosis and therapy.

The EPK-1000 Digital Color Video Processor utilizes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology which automatically adjusts and optimizes the color and illumination of the video signal to provide maximum image clarity and resolution. It comes with a 100-watt Xenon Light Source, air pump, and full-screen image. The EPK-1000 also automatically switches into shutter mode for close-up still images, thus minimizing camera movement when capturing still images. The Serial Connector will transfer still images to a personal computer. The compact, lightweight design has a smaller footprint and is the perfect solution for users of endoscopic systems with limited space. The EPK-1000 system is used with all 70K/80K-Series Color Chip Video Endoscopes.


Manufactured by PENTAX Medical, Japan