Project Description

VNL 1590

PENTAX offers a complete line of flexible fiberoptic and video nasopharyngoscopes for all your ENT endoscopy needs. Our fiberoptic scopes include the acclaimed FNL-10RP3, as well as a paediatric model, and a therapeutic model with working channel.

For added convenience, a bedside model (3.4mm OD) offers the option of a battery-operated portable light source or a detachable light-guide cable. Our high-resolution videoscopes include the VNL-1070STK, the VNL-1190STK, and the VNL-1590STi HD scope. A therapeutic videoscope with a 2.0 mm working channel is also available. All videoscopes require a video processor and have a bifurcated light cable for use with a KayPENTAX strobosopy system. A video transnasal esophagoscope rounds out this diversified line of high-quality ENT scopes.


Manufactured by PENTAX, U.S.A.