Project Description


Built on the highly successful LapSim platform, Surgical Science introduces EndoSim – a cutting edge flexible endoscopic simulator.

With advanced modeling technology showing anatomic detail of the human colon and realistic touch feedback, physicians can experience diverse complications and scenarios while building confidence. Surgical Science’s mission is to develop and deliver cutting edge medical simulation training products with unequaled graphics, usability and skills transference from VR to the OR.

The result? Highly skilled physicians, reduced patient risk and improved screening accuracy.

Endosim Features:endosim-handle-nov13-300x300

  • Realistic force feedback
  • Dynamic lifelike graphics
  • True-to-life physiological responses and tool behavior
  • Administrator-friendly course planning features
  • Customizable skill training and case situations
  • Wide array of anatomical variations (normal and pathological)
  • Extensive range of performance metrics

Basic Skills Exercises:EndoSim-Exercises_larger

  • Navigation
  • Scope Handling
  • Button Handling
  • Knob Handling
  • Visualize Colon
  • Pathology Biopsy
  • Polypectomy Biopsy
  • Injection

With EndoSim, basic skills techniques can be practiced again and again at increasing levels of difficulty with customizable challenges, scenarios and complications to make each experience unique. Each exercise is digitally recorded with detailed metrics and statistics, providing both immediate and long-term skill development feedback.

After each finished exercise a result board appears giving feedback on trainee performance. All trainees have their own login and password. When logged on, trainees can see the courses they have been assigned, their level of progress, and what courses have been passed.


Manufactured by Surgical Science, Sweden.