Project Description


The Digital Strobe is an advanced imaging system that digitally records stroboscopic, and other endoscopic, exams to a fully integrated video capture and playback workstation.

Designed for otolaryngologists, speech pathologists, phoniatricians, and voice scientists, the Digital Strobe has become the system of choice at leading hospitals and clinics worldwide since its introduction in the late 1990s. The latest version contains a host of new features and options to provide the most versatile and feature-rich imaging system available for comprehensive assessment of the vocal folds’ structure and vibratory characteristics. It is also ideally suited to serve as a general recording system for endoscopic procedures (e.g., sinus, TNE, or otoscopic exams) with superior image quality. The system enables clinicians to take advantage of the many builtin features designed to enhance clinical efficiency. The latest Digital Strobe has a variety of networking options available to users of a single system as well as those with multiple endoscopy procedure rooms.

Product Features:

  • Superior stroboscopy light source
  • Powerful image capturing system with professional quality video
  • Instant review of exams
  • Control of camera
  • Playback of two exams side by side
  • Patient database and exam management system
  • Report generator
  • Standard video formats


Manufactured by:  KayPENTAX, U.S.A.