Project Description

CartwithMonitorImageforWebsite-FEESThe KayPENTAX Digital FEES System is ideally suited to the clinician who requires a quality, cost-effective system with all components supported by one company with a long history as the leader in imaging and swallowing instrumentation.

FEES is a standard technique for evaluating patients with swallowing problems. It is also used in therapy by speech language pathologists (SLP) as a visual display to help patients learn various swallowing maneuvers.

The KayPENTAX Digital FEES System, is a complete FEES system configured for digital recording, storage, and playback of FEES exams. It features high-quality endoscopy components, excellent image quality, built-in patient database and exam management, patient report generation, DVD creation, and networking capability. This system is ideal for the speech clinic or office setting, and can also be used in a hospital setting or rolled to patient bedside.

Advantages of FEES Procedure:

FEES and modified barium studies each have advantages for patient assessment. KayPENTAX’s swallowing systems can record either of these procedures. A number of the commonly cited advantages of the FEES procedure are listed below:

  • Procedure can be performed at patient bedside
  • No radiation exposure to patient
  • Exam duration can be longer allowing experimentation with swallowing maneuvers and therapy planning
  • Foods that the patient typically eats can be used during the FEES procedure
  • Fatigue, which may lead to aspiration, can be assessed over an entire meal
  • Excellent visualization of secretions and penetration


  • Flexible endoscope (3.4-mm diameter)
  • Halogen light source
  • Video camera
  • Lens adapter
  • Digital Video Recording Module computer
  • High-resolution color monitor
  • Lapel microphone for recording exam commentary
  • Color printer
  • Cart with isolation transformer to house all components


Manufactured by KayPENTAX, U.S.A.