Project Description


Until now, providing aerosolized medications to mechanically ventilated patients meant removing the HME/HCH – a procedure that can increase the risk of alveolar derecruitment, drying of airway secretions and contamination to both patients and clinicians. Now you can reduce these risks with the new CircuVent – the breakthrough device that lets you provide aerosol without breaking the circuit!

Product Features:

  • Unique design
  • Standard ISO 15/22 mm connections
  • Translucent construction
  • Proprietary valves
  • Low torque dial
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal dead space

Product Benefits:

  • Allow clinicians to use the MDI or nebulizer device of their choice
  • Accommodates standard HME/HCH and circuit connections
  • Permits inspection for occlusion
  • Minimal dead space (<80cc in bypass position; <30cc in HME position)
  • No occlusion in any valve position
  • Allow clinicians to provide aerosol therapy in less time without removing the HME. No unacceptable effect on aerosol delivery
  • Weighs ~30.0g


Manufactured by: Smiths Medical, U.K