Project Description


The Apple-Hunt secondary trocar/cannula offers versatility, efficiency, and ease of use. Providing uninhibited laparoscopic access, greater instrument maneuverability, and ergonomic design, the Apple-Hunt ensures an airtight seal. It is simple to use and reduces the risk of patient injury.

Product Features:

  • Two tip styles: Conical or pyramidal stainless steel tips
  • Suturing through cannula
  • Accepts 3mm instruments

Innovative Design:

  • Ergonomic: Trocar housing design is easy to handle
  • Anchors securely to patient: Fascia threads hold cannula securely in place, regardless of the number of instrument changes
  • Smooth cannula / trocar transition: Designed for easier sleeve insertion, it lessens the risk of patient injury
  • Uninhibited abdominal access: No bulky external valves, fittings or housings providing unrestricted access to the abdomen
  • Easy instrument passage: Smooth, unobstructed passage with 5.7 mm inside diameter
  • No glare, no reflection: Laser reflection is eliminated due to sleeve color and finish
  • Airtight seal: Holds instruments securely and provides greater instrument maneuverability without loss of pneumoperitoneum


Manufactured by CooperSurgical Inc., U.S.A.