Project Description


The AABR® Technology You Can Trust in a Handheld Screener

The ALGO 3i screener incorporates proprietary Natus AABR technology:

  • Lowest refer rates1 – supported by numerous published studies within respected peer-reviewed journals
  • A complete screen of the hearing pathway in one simple step

Fast and Simple Operation

  • Unlike other hand-held screeners, the ALGO 3i device screens both ears simultaneously
  • Unique SpeedScreen™ function allows you to conduct a test while entering patient information
  • SmartHelp system offers helpful tips targeted to your needs
  • Colored graphical displays guide you easily through the screening process
  • Fully automated, objective pass/refer results that require no interpretation
  • Completely standardized, pre-set screening parameters – no adjustments needed

Maximum Adaptability

  • Screen in a variety of settings with the versatile ALGO 3i SoftClip attachment
  • Several language options are available for the screening process

Infrared Data Transfer and Data Management

  • Infrared printing of screening results
  • Infrared transfer of patient screening data to a PC
  • Compatibility with a variety of data management systems – including audble® Lite/Desktop (included)

Proprietary Natus Screening Supplies

Only with Natus supplies is the ALGO 3i screening accuracy guaranteed:

  • Flexicoupler® earphones
  • Jelly Tab™ sensors


Manufactured by Natus Medical Inc., U.S.A.


 1 References on file at Natus