Project Description


With the use of highest quality materials, a unique manufacturing technique and advanced sealant technology, the AlboGraft Vascular Graft offers an ideal combination of superior softness and sealing.

Soft and Flexible The unique manufacturing technique results in a soft and flexible graft. This facilitates easy manipulation and implantation.

Excellent Sealing Manufactured to allow for deep penetration of bovine skin collagen into polyester filaments of the graft structure. This allows for excellent sealing which is demonstated by its water permeability specification of 0.1 ml/cm2/min @ 120mmHg maximum(1).

Excellent Suturability The AlboGraft knitted and woven structures enable easy passage of the suture through the graft wall, even in the most challenging anatomical situations.

Removable External Spiral Support Option External spiral support provides resistance to compression and kinking.

  • External support covers entire length of graft.
  • Removable without compromising water permeability.
  • Radiopaque for visualization of the course of the bypass under x-ray.

EtO Sterilization process Gamma-radiation sterilization can alter the polyester polymer and the collagen molecule(2,3). The EtO sterilization process applied to the AlboGraft preserves the original physical properties of both the collagen impregnation and the polyester fibres(4).

Optimized Packaging Double plastic tray and vacuum sealed aluminum pouch protects the graft from adverse environmental conditions.


Manufactured by LeMaitre Vascular, U.S.A.


(1) Measured at 120 mmHg pressure according to ISO 7198-2: 1998
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