Project Description


KayPENTAX has a long history in the acoustic analysis of speech, developing tools for the speech and voice community for more than 30 years. These include products for therapy (real-time visual feedback), clinical assessment, and research. The diverse range of acoustic analysis products is designed and packaged to accommodate the needs and budgets of clinicians and researchers in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and voice clinics.

Among the acoustic product family are professional-level recording and playback hardware/software instrumentation as well as cost-effective, soundcard-based software programs for the budget-minded clinician. Visi-PitchTM, the most widely used speech therapy tool in the field, is now in its sixth generation. At the top of the KayPENTAX line is the widely acclaimed Computerized Speech Lab (CSLTM) which provides professional-grade hardware for speech acquisition and playback and is used by voice clinicians and researchers at the leading speech/voice clinics and research labs.

Accompanying the core software for CSL and Multi- SpeechTM are more than 20 application-specific software options designed for different clinical populations. For example, the Multi-Dimensional Voice Program (MDVPTM) is used for objective assessment of pathological voice. The Voice Range Profile (phonetograph) is a sensitive indicator of vocal function often used with professional voice users. Motor Speech Profile is another software option designed to assess dysarthric patients. Other application-specific programs are available, such as the new Analysis of Dysphonia in Speech and Voice (ADSVTM) program which allows for voice quality analysis of continuous speech samples. The KayPENTAX Electroglottograph (EGG) is an instrument for displaying vocal contact patterns non-invasively. EGG is particularly useful when acquired in combination with other acoustic or vocal fold imaging systems with concurrent EGG acquisition.

KayPENTAX acoustic analysis programs constitute the most comprehensive assortment of robust assessment/therapy products available.


Manufactured by KayPENTAX, U.S.A.