Project Description

ACE MDI Holding Chamber

ACE® ensures prompt, effective delivery of aerosolized medication from MDI canisters. Its versatile design permits use in a vent circuit, with an incentive spirometer, in conjunction with an endotracheal airway or resuscitation bag, and in routine oral inhalation.

ACE®‘s unique, cone-shaped chamber maximizes respirable volume, while its clear construction helps clinicians and patients confirm availability of prescribed dose.

Product Features:

  • Inspiratory coaching adaptor
  • Inspiratory valved mouthpiece
  • Versatile design
  • Detachable silicone facemask
  • Four color coded sizes
  • Dual valved facemask

Product Benefits:

  • Coaching adaptor encourages the patient to inhale more slowly. Laminar flow rates help to improve aerosol distribution and penetration
  • One-way valve opens to allow inhalation of the aerosol cloud and closes to prevent the patient from exhaling into the chamber
  • Long lasting, clear plastic construction minimizes breakage or damage
  • Reduce inventory and enhance staff efficiency
  • By stocking only one type of MDI spacer, you’ll save money and inventory space. Works in multiple aerosol delivery situations. You can reduce staff training and maximize efficiency
  • Allows the use of ACE in a ventilator circuit, with a resuscitation bag, with a mask, or as a hand-held unit
  • Maximizes respirable volume
  • Can accommodate virtually any patient
  • Allows inhalation and exhalation without moving from patient’s face
  • Easy to remove and clean.


Manufactured by: Smiths Medical, U.K.